This site is dedicated to generations of parishioners and clergy who faithfully served the Portland community of Louisville since the early 19th century.

Their stories tell of the Roman Catholic tradition that continues today.

It is also dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary who inspires us to follow Jesus Christ and whose name was adopted for the parish.

While not exhaustive, we are pleased to present this material so as to preserve the rich heritage of its people and encourage souls.

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For more information or to visit the current Catholic community in the Portland neighborhood,

please see Good Shepherd Church website or social media.

Good Shepherd Church is the current home of the former parishes of Our Lady, St. Cecilia & St. Anthony.

Credits and Special Thanks

This history is collaborative effort made possible by the following individuals and organizations:


Rev. John A. Lyons, Sr. Mary Naomi Buniff, R.S.M. and anonymous contributors research and compilation

Sisters of Mercy

Archdiocese of Louisville Archives

Committees of the 100th, 125th and 150th Our Lady parish anniversaries

Rick Bell, Louisville historian and author

Good Shepherd parish staff

Charles Wetzelberger IV digitization and website presentation

Please contact ourladychurchhistory@twc.com with comments, corrections or if you would like to contribute additional material.


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